Our new .CoCPit Apps: As quick and easy...

... as now, you never had a look "inside" your router before!

All important informations from your router, clearly arranged, constantly updated, right now on your screen!

Our new .CoCPit Apps: everything at your fingertips!


If you need full control of your router, but don't want to attend tech courses to be able to, our new .CoCPit Apps come to your rescue: control and monitor your compatible router in real time with our .CoCPit Apps - quick and easy as never before!


In a clearly arranged display you get easily understandable representations of your internet connection, performance- and status data as well as quite a few settings parameters of your router. And, it's not guesses you see! It's real, recent data, retrieved directly from your router.


Furthermore, .CoCPit Apps are a real help with configuring your router or troubleshooting your internet connection. 


Read more right now:

  • Router .CoCPit for any UPnP-compatible routers. (English language version).
  • Speedport .CoCPit for Telekom Speedport routers. (German language software version and description).
  • Fritz Router .CoCPit for AVM FRITZ!Box routers. (German language software version and description).

Start right now...


... and get your .CoCPit App fitting your router from the Windows Store:

 Router .CoCPit  in Windows Store

 Speedport .CoCPit in Windows Store (German language version only)

 Fritz Router .CoCPit in Windows Store (German language version only)


...or from Apples iTunes App Store:

 Router .CoCPit  in iTunes App Store


...or from Android Google Play Store:

 Router .CoCPit  in Google Play Store

Quick and easy as never before!


Some Features of our new .CoCPit Apps:

  • Ease of use taken to a new level!
  • Clearly arranged visualization of your router's internet connection.
  • Important data of your router, always up-to-date, all at a glance.
  • Automatically finds one or more supported routers in your network.
  • See in-depth informations like down- and upload statistics, IP addresses, WiFi parameters, LAN statistics and device data immediately.
  • The beautiful "snapped" view lets you glance at important data at any time.
  • Eases configuring your router.
  • Integrated troubleshoot wizards (german language Fritz Router .CoCPit und Speedport .CoCPit versions only!) offer help with connection problems.