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Our mission at Marmiko…

…is to make you and your customers happy. How do we achieved that goal? Quite simple: we focus on quality.

Out now, by Marmiko:

FritzCall .CoCPit, the smart connection from your landline phone to your mobile device.
Find it now in your App Store! (German language version only)

Be it business or private life -There are situations in which you don't want to miss a single call coming in on your landline: Newly in love? Don't miss a date! Self employed? Don't miss a good business opportunity! Planning a family gathering? Get all calls on your landline phone with FritzCall .CoCPit . . .


FritzCall .CoCPit's innovative technology helps you keep track of incoming calls on your landline phone almost immediately, even if you're not at home. And: Listen to speech messages and view telefaxes right on your mobile device!


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Network management solutions

The simple solution for complex requirements

Do you want to open the doors to the internet wide for your customers?
Without that terrible creaking and squeaking noise?

Then we have the key to your needs. We will provide you with a master key to customer satisfaction that is both custom-made and flexible. To give an example: Even if your customers have many different starting points the Network Manager will let them gain access to the internet along a single well-trodden path. Admittedly, they will still have to do the browsing themselves...




Special solutions for
particular tasks

Our solutions will provide your customers with simple, effective and stable access to the internet.

Your customers' trust and satisfaction will grow, and you will be benefiting from our know-how as we go along.

You will receive quality service right from the start. And you will benefit from transparent development at all stages of the process, resulting in quality-tested results that add value in the long term.