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We connect worlds, simply and smoothly. Our products for internet access and ISP services will provide your clients with an easy and convenient experience.


The new, innovative technology of FritzCall .CoCPit (German language link) almost immediately signals landline calls on mobile devices of all major platforms. Easy, reliable, and secure, users keep track with their landline calls wherever they are. And, with FritzCall .CoCPit, even answering machine messages and telefaxes recorded on the landline are no more than a fingertip away.

Our widely spread tried-and-tested Network Manager has made our customers happy. .CoCPit - Netzmanager Edition (German language link!) and the new family of .CoCPit Apps for Windows 8, iOS and Android help making otherwise tedious tasks easy. And this is just some examples of the essential tools and components offering easy access to virtual worlds that make up our range of products and services.

Our solutions cover the whole range of services: Whether you're looking for conventional communications, Wireless LAN connections or the most up-to-date mobility solutions, we'll be able to help you.

Lead the pack...

...along the path to customer satisfaction and loyalty

Our products will help you stay ahead of your competitors in the race to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Internet connections that work perfectly from the outset and offer a high level of support in the event of difficulties will help you gain your ISP customers' trust. This is important, because only customers who find a service trustworthy will be ready to use value-added services on a regular basis.

Invest in our tried-and-tested solutions and benefit from their quality. We will tailor solutions exactly to fit your needs, and we will innovate without reinventing the wheel.

Gain and sustain a competitive edge

Benefits of Marmiko products:

  • quality products
  • very simple configuring and installing
  • even better quick and easy internet access
  • secure and flexible online maintenance of releases

Marmiko's special features:

  • down to earth – we pay attention to details
  • constant upgrading and improvement
  • quality standards are maintained due to our comprehensive experience in the field
  • quality has been validated by millions of installations of current products
  • customer-specific statistics provide proven value
  • supplementary hardware development for enhanced functionality