Mission statement

…Our focus is on you

Marmiko IT-Solutions is an experienced provider of solutions and developments that enable people to connect to the internet. We offer high-quality solutions to all your internet access and ISP service needs. We will also be happy to provide you with any other cross-platform software development or hardware solution.

…Our commitment is to quality

We combine solid experience with a passion for innovation. Fusing modern and traditional values helps us meet the most diverse requirements, right down to the tiniest detail. We stay close to any project, have a flexible way of working and flat hierarchies, so you can count on a fast response to any questions you may have. Our development processes are characterised by a maximum of transparency. This is just one reason why we are in a position to respond to your requests speedily and deliver focused solutions to suit your needs.

We are very much aware of the great responsibility that comes with our work. We have very strict quality management procedures in place which, along with our best working practices, enable us to meet the highest demands.

…Getting better all the time

In a business that is in constant upheaval and has to meet new challenges posed by innovation on a daily basis, only dedication, agility and flexibility will lead to success. Our developers are committed to living up to these three core values at all times, and the products developed by us reflect this commitment.

We are always looking to improve our products and work. We like to solve complex problems. Our uncluttered corporate structure and clear vision ensure that our customer relationships are built around durable values like trust and reliability. This is borne out by the fact that our products have been in use for nearly a quarter of a century.


Launch of .CoCPit Apps for Windows 8, iOS and Android

We proudly announce the release of our new family of .CoCPit Apps for Windows 8,  iOS and Android.




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